Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Catching Up With: Jesuit's Bob Wunderlick

Two of the most optimistic guys that I know are both red heads: Titus Sports Marketing's Dave Stephenson and Dallas Jesuit head football coach Bob Wunderlick. In fact, if you stood the two side-by-side, you might think that they were "separated at birth."

Wunderlick told WalkSports.com that he thinks that his team's chances to go deeper in the UIL 5A playoffs are good but that "it will not be easy." The '83 Jesuit grad is not discouraged that he loses 25 seniors, including Reggie Stephens (OG to Iowa State) and Sean Carney (DE to Tulane), but rather energized that there will be 30 seniors on the '05 squad as well as JV and Freshman units that combined for a 17-2-1 record. The Rangers are in the middle of offseason and last year's candidate for Coach of the Year says that things are "going well".

Because of the school's academic track record, Wunderlick's football players often find multitude of places to play at the lower levels of college football. The '04 bunch is no different. QB Bryant Wilson, Wunderlick reports, will either be an invited walk-on at Indiana or will go to Trinity University in San Antonio, where he might try to play football and hoops; Ronald Satterthwaite (DL-LB) will either walk-on at Tulane or at the University of San Diego (where former Bears QB Jim Harbaugh is the head coach); and, David Mooney (DL-OL) will pick from among several D III schools: Tufts, Wash U, Washington & Lee, Pomona, Carnegie Mellon, Occidental, Rhodes, Trinity, & Austin College. Kicker Sean Bellomy will go to Georgetown University for soccer.

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